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Start your property search – the right way


We have researched and reviewed hundreds of buyers’ requirements to provide you with a list of the top questions you need to ask yourself when you start your property search:-

1. Where Can I Park My Car?

Strange that a big concern for many home buyers isn’t actually in the home, it’s what facilities exists for parking their car or more relevantly in this day and age their cars. Whether with a garage or ample driveway, a property has a distinct selling point if it can accommodate at least two cars.

2. What’s in the Kitchen?

The size, location and amenities within the kitchen are a big attraction or conversely the biggest turn-off for prospective buyers.  Too big, too small, not enough or too much sun, built in or free-standing appliances – whether you love or loathe it the kitchen is arguably the most subjective feature in the house.


3. Where can I eat?

A convenient and adequately sized dining space is something that buyers almost universally do want.  A dining area that is on your knee in front of the TV is a big turn-off even in the most bijou of properties.


4. Will I be Warm?

Double glazing, central heating and loft installation are now widely accepted as standard so their absence will instantly diminish a property’s buyer appeal. If new owners are faced with paying for the installation of missing features they will be looking for significant price reductions unless the property’s other features are outstanding.

5. Is there enough space?

Sufficient space is a key aspect for most buyers who don’t always appreciate a “cosy” home as being a plus point.  Open plan is great but needs to be balanced by sufficient private areas where parents and children can have their own space. Sufficient storage space is always an essential. Any way that space can be expanded or reclaimed (loft conversion, conservatory or extension) are always attractive to potential buyers (provided that they have been professionally built of course).


6. Is there an en-suite bathroom?

This is so important to many people.  His and Her bathrooms are a real plus (Michael Caine attributed the success of his long marriage to separate bathrooms!).  Walk in wardrobes are another wow factor for the lady of the house.

7. What original features are there?

Not all original features are appealing (outdoor plumbing, storage heaters, asbestos cladding etc.) but most buyers are attracted by styles such as Victorian, Art deco, Georgian and Gothic and original features such as the fireplace, the coving, tiling, front doors with stained glass etc.


8. Is there a garden?

Nearly everybody appreciates their own outside space.  For some 2 acres is too small for others a small patio area is just perfect.  South facing is a bonus, adequate outside storage is a necessity for many as is space for outside dining.  For families, a usable outside space (i.e. one that is suitable for children to play in safely) is often top of the “essential” list.

9. Where is the location?

The perfect house in the wrong location becomes the wrong house.  The location is an absolute essential for most buyers whether they are seeking rural, urban, mansion or maisonette.  Noisy neighbours are a big turn-off. Proximity to good quality schools can be the overriding requirement for some such that all other factors are irrelevant.  Quite commonly access to amenities such as shops, entertainment and transport links although important are often quite low in the list of essentials. A good village pub comes up more often than not for those seeking a rural location.


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