Election 2015 - Manifesto Review

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Election 2015 – Manifesto Review


Election 2015 - Manifesto Review

Election 2015 – Manifesto Review

Although the four main election parties agree that housing needs a shake up their strategies differ so here’s our easy to read overview of the key points from their manifestos:-

ConservativeExtend Right to Buy to 2.5 million Housing Association tenants
LabourBuild 200,000 new homes a year by 2020
Lib DemBuild 300,000 houses per annum – partly by building 10 new garden cities (5 of which will be along a re-opened Oxford to Cambridge railway)
UKIPWants 1 million new homes to be built on brownfield sites by 2025.
ConservativeLocal Authorities forced to sell most valuable council homes and replace with cheaper. Money raised to be invested in brownfield development fund
LabourForce providers of Help to Buy ISA to invest money into a future-homes fund
Lib DemCompulsory purchase laws to be amended so that significant amounts of land will be assembled at low cost and the “profit” when developed will be used for infrastructure costs
UKIPCreate a register of brownfield sites and offer grants up to £10k per plot to assist meet decontamination costs
ConservativeDevelopers of brown field sites to be excused from paying infrastructure costs and from providing affordable housing in return for restricting prices to less than £250k (£450k in London)
LabourBuilders holding land-banks to be forced to sell the land if they don’t use it.
Lib DemRent to own – tenants of housing associations would own their house after paying rent for 30 years
UKIPHouses sold on brownfield sites for under £250k would attract no stamp duty on first sale
ConservativeLondon Land Commission to be set up to identify and release public owned land.
LabourTowns that have overstepped their boundaries can force their neighbouring authorities to release land for development
Lib DemOwners who improved their property by 2 “energy” bands will have their council tax reduced by £100 p.a. for 10 years
UKIPRemove central government targets for new building by local authorities
ConservativeTo encourage self-build local authorities forced to allocate land for individual builds
Labour3 year tenancy to become standard but with a break clause for tenants only
Lib DemEncouragement of multi-year tenancies and help tenants to cover their deposits through “help to rent” loans
UKIPPlanning permissions granted on “large” developments could be overturned by protesters able to gather signatures from 5% of local electorate – there would be a binding referendum
ConservativeProperties worth up to £1million to be free of inheritance tax
LabourBan “unfair” letting fees and restrict rent rises
Lib DemLandlords to be forced to refund rent if they fail to correct defects
UKIPEquity loan part of Help to Buy extended to 2020 Ra
ConservativeHelp to Buy ISA available to top up deposits by up to £3000
Lib Dem


For a more detailed look at each parties Manifesto, follow the links below:

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